Welcome to the Gold Thread Tiny House Blog

Welcome to the Gold Thread Tiny House Blog -

Buckminster Fuller once said, "If you want to change how somone thinks, give up; you can not change how people think. Give them a tool, the use of which will cause them to think differently." The tiny house is just such a tool.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Building The Door

I decided to build my door instead of try to find one that fits the uncommon dimensions i wanted.  Except for the tempered glass, which i had special made, and the glue and screws, this door is made entirely with reused lumber and hardware.  In this dark time of the year when it's tough to work outside i was very happy to have this door as an indoor project. Here are some photos from the process.

  Outside of door with design

Inside of door.

The doorknob is white porcelain, purchased from a recycled building store in Brattleboro VT.


  1. Such a lovely door! You are sure to get many visitors with a handsome door like that.

  2. HEY, HEY, FROM ANOTHER " off-the-grid" GODDARD GRAD...( RUP '75 ) I've got a 77 acre, Monastery and animal rescue Sanctuary only 11 miles from Chatham ( East Chatham / New Lebanon.) Check out the pics at http://web.me.com/keanepeter

    I've got some beautiful "parking spots." No washing machine; but got rocks and a stream... Have been thinking about a type of Hip, Spiritual community; maybe a Goddard sattelite ???

    Let's meet and maybe walk/ talk; about the ocean of possibilities

  3. Aldo , your home is lovely! Congratulations on bringing a dream into reality, and for creating something that combines beauty and function!

  4. I love this house! It's just the thing I would love to have for myself someday. Unfortunately I don't know a *thing* about construction, and, living in a condominium, I would have no place to build such a thing as this.

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